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Volie- Automotive’s #1 BDC Engine!

There have been many changes to the automotive industry in the past couple of years. There has never been a more important time to maximize the productivity of the most expensive part of your BDC— your people.

Volie brings call center technology to the automotive business. Dealerships have been running BDC’s with desk phones and click-to-call through the CRM. Volie gives dealers a huge technological leap so they can better run their BDC’s.

Volie downloads DMS, CRM and OEM spreadsheets and de-dupes customers down to the household level. Then our dealers use our campaign engine to set up a work plan to make sure the right customer is served up at the right time by the right agent. Some calls are more important than other’s. Volie ensures that our dealers get through the most important calls first.

Volie’s onmi-channel call center technology combines calls, email and SMS in one platform to improve agent productivity. All agent’s time is tracked allowing you to maximize agent efficiency. Since all inbound and outbound calls are blended together, agents are served up the most important outbound call instantly when there is no inbound call present. 100% of the time in between a call is eliminated. Agents can handle 200+ calls inbound/outbound in the service BDC. For sales BDC’s making mostly outbound calls, 350 attempts plus are routinely reached each day by a full time agent.

We eliminate most of the manual work involved in running a BDC for the managers and help make your agents 2 to 5 times more productive. With the cost of labor increasing every day, we allow you to do more with less and also make some of those vital customer contacts that are not commonly done in a typical dealership.

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