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Your Dealer Experience

It's your customer. It should always be your relationship.

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It's your customer. It should always be your relationship.

It’s the dealer’s customer and should always be their relationship, transcending the one-time transaction.

Our innovation, the Your Dealer Experience (YDE) platform, is purpose driven to solve a long-standing industry problem. Is our great industry’s mission to only sell a car (and maybe a few F&I products) or to also earn a recurring customer? To turn the latter from a wish to a reality, our dealer branded digital engagement platform connects the vast vacancy between sales and service, including capturing missed F&I products after the vehicle sale, multi administrator digital F&I claims engagement, push notification dealer-customer communications and a digital rewards program in one unified solution.

The most important relationship in the auto sales industry is between the dealer and their customer. It's our collective responsibility, in the dealer support community, to enhance that relationship, leading the dealer to increased sales and meaningful customer retention.

Cast a spotlight on today's poor customer experience and service mechanisms by delivering the solution that solves the problem and you’ll clearly and decisively define a platform that differentiates one product/provider from the rest. Every dealer desires exceptional customer experience, but very few providers are delivering it from the dealer/customer desired point-of-view, especially when multiple TPAs exist.

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