Light Up To Live

Join us and other ASOTU participants and collaborators in supporting Light Up To Live (LUTL). Light Up To Live is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Randall and Sherry Reed, owners of the World Class Automotive Group dedicated to supporting and lighting a way for Veterans on the road to recovery.

The Heart of Auto Retail

At the core of every community in America is a rich relationship with the dealer network spanning the country. Because of this deep connection with community, dealers have long sought the good of the communities they are a part of. Giving back locally, nationally, and internationally is a theme across the dealer network and is one of the many reasons why franchise retail automotive is such a crucial industry within our economy.

In the spirit of all the dealers ASOTU represents, we want to bring our community together to give back in a unique way during ASOTU CON. The event starts on September 11th, a day reminding us of the lives lost and time spent by veterans across the country. It only makes sense for us to connect giving back with a veteran network.

That is why when dealer-founded non-profit Light Up To Live was brought to our awareness it made perfect sense to partner with them to support veterans.

We will have 3 opportunities to give:

  1. Before the event just below 👇
  2. At the Welcome Reception at Ciocca Subaru  
  3. Throughout the Main Event space with scannable QR codes

Mission: Save a U.S. Military Veteran’s Life 

The Light Up To Live Foundation is the only charity in the United States that donates polychromatic light therapy systems to U.S. military veterans living with chronic pain, post traumatic stress, depression and or brain trauma. This light therapy system enhances blood flow and reduces pain to traumatized tissues in the body. The portable light therapy system allows for therapy at home rather than in a clinic. The Foundation partners with organizations providing physical therapy to veterans to identify best candidates for light therapy systems. The retail cost is $5000 per system. 

The Foundation also donates highly trained service dogs to qualified veterans who are learning to adapt physically to issues such as chronic pain, limb loss, loss of balance and brain trauma as well as adapting emotionally to a return to civilian life. These service dogs provide physical assistance, companionship and act as an important social buffer in social settings. The service dogs undergo a two-year training program and are then placed and trained with their new veteran handler. The cost of a service dog averages $35,000 including insurance, veterinary care and 5 years of canine nutrition. 

The Light Up To Live Foundation was founded in 2016 by Randall and Sherry Reed along with their daughter Shelby Reed in response to their introduction to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, brain trauma, chronic pain and depression. Icons in the automotive world as owners of the World Class Automotive Group in Texas and a military family, the Reeds recognized that polychromatic light therapy would be a more holistic approach to healing an injured body than the use of prescription drugs which are prevalent in the veteran community. Additionally, they recognized that Service Dogs could be life-saving companions and aids for veterans who have a high rate of suicide after returning to civilian life. Changing one life at a time and reducing the rate of suicide in the veteran community is their ultimate goal. To date, nearly 100 light systems have been donated and 9 service dogs are placed or are in training to be placed. Visit for more information or to make a donation to this CANDID Platinum Rated 501-C3 public charity.

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