Day 1
Studio Two
Sep 26, 2023
1:00 pm
1:45 pm

Ditch Tradition: Modernize Car Buying & Financing

Transforming the Modern Car Buying and Financing Experience Through Connected Retail

About this session

Danielle Mills Walden is an ex-tennis pro who pivoted her career into Automotive and helping dealers see the value of using digital solutions to improve their customer experience. She will be joined by Marri Stokes, Operations Director of Leif Johnson Auto Group, to share their dealerships experience since partnering with Upstart and how they have implemented a connected retail solution to deliver the best car buying experience in Austin, TX.

Her stores are always looking towards the cutting edge of technology and understanding how they can leverage the tools out there to impress shoppers and deliver a seamless buying process that is fast, modern and easy. With consumer shopping preferences constantly evolving, its important to adapt your business to keep up with modern expectations and Leif Johnson has embraced that mindset.

Danielle and Marri will have an open discussion on how they can help dealers solve the challenges they are facing when it comes to limited inventory, credit tightening, OEM requirements and winning over shoppers that are skeptical on how dealers operate. They will speak to why its important to have transparency in the dealership when it comes to pricing and why providing an overall better experience ultimately leads to higher profitability.

In Partnership with Upstart Auto Retail

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