Day 1
Main Stage
Sep 26, 2023
8:45 am
9:30 am

Panoramic Leadership

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

About this session

Panoramic Leaders possess a unique ability to see the bigger picture in every situation. However, as with everything in the human experience, it’s not black and white. Even the most self-aware, good-intentioned person in the room can fall prey to myopic leadership, which almost always leads to toxic communication, disengagement and unforgettable negative experiences.

Let’s face it -- no one wants to play any part in communication breakdowns, toxic interactions, decreased engagement, and the creation of lasting negative impressions. But sometimes this happens by default when a clear view of the situation is not in sight.

The inspiring truth is that human behavior is malleable and people are eager for positive change. By making simple adjustments, we can all embrace a Panoramic perspective, to perceive solutions even when they may seem elusive to others.

Big picture result:

-Leverage the science of human behavior to create immediate change.
-The elixir for calm and conflict - even under the most trying circumstances
-See people and situations differently to create unstoppable cultures

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