Day 2
Studio One
Sep 27, 2023
11:15 am
12:00 pm

Marketing Strategies Built with Rich Consumer Analytics

Learn Tactics to Leverage Google Data to Gain an Edge on Your Competition

About this session

In the current market landscape, employing intelligent data analysis can provide a strategic edge for your dealership. This session will guide you through pragmatic approaches to integrating rich consumer analytics into your marketing strategies, with a particular emphasis on utilizing Google Data. Get insights from industry professionals on how to methodically leverage this data to understand consumer behavior better and fine-tune your strategies, ultimately helping you stand firm in a competitive market.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Practical approaches to incorporating Google data into your marketing strategy.
  2. Tips for utilizing consumer analytics for a more nuanced understanding of market trends.
  3. Guidance on adapting data insights into actionable marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition.
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