Day 2
Studio Two
Sep 27, 2023
11:15 am
12:00 pm

Mastering Effective Dealership Operations

How To Quit And Replace Daily Activities That Don't Produce Results

About this session

In this keynote session, esteemed author and industry veteran Ed Roberts, known for his insightful book "Mile One: An Endless Journey to Effective Leadership", will impart wisdom on mastering dealership operations. With a critical focus on helping leaders identify and cast aside daily activities that fail to yield fruitful results, Ed will guide you on a transformative journey towards operational efficiency and effectiveness. Drawing upon insights from his book and extensive experience, he will offer tangible strategies that empower you to reshape your dealership's daily operations, paving the way for growth and sustained success.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Recognizing and eliminating daily activities that hamper productivity and results.
  2. Actionable strategies for refining operations to foster efficiency and growth.
  3. Leveraging leadership insights from "Mile One" to transform your approach to dealership management.
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