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Some want technology to replace the role of a salesperson and/or an advisor… Some want to hire fewer people, pay them less and let technology move into more of the customer relationship. Our co-founder and CEO grew up with a Dad who was a dealer. A Dad that despite the odds a made it through WWII without finishing high school, grew his skills and became a dealer. Dave continued his father’s legacy by going into the business while in college and now has a son in the car business. He has watched people just like his Dad – work their way up from washing cars to selling cars to being a GM of a dealership. He along with the Quantum⁵ team, believe that it doesn’t have to end. Quantum⁵ believes that this industry is still the best place to change the lives of salespeople and service advisors everywhere – unless we refuse to invest in skilling up our teams and let the technology overrun our people.

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