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Why is ASOTU putting on a conference? 

We connect with hundreds of people on a regular basis through Zoom calls, social media, and other day-to-day interactions. Something special happens when the ASOTU community steps out of their regular routine and into the energy of a new space, together: our minds open, innovative juices start flowing, and we can leap forward years (or decades) as we catch the vision for what is actually possible. That’s why.


What makes ASOTU CON different?

None of us are inspired by sitting in a manilla colored rectangle for 50 minutes, 10 times in a row over 4 days for a one way conversation. We’re not saying those workshops can’t be helpful, we just believe in adding some hot sauce to the rice and beans. 

ASOTU CON will be a participation only event that is completely crafted to send participants back feeling energized, equipped, and inspired to get home and start pushing back for their community.


No one does Philly...what gives!?

Philadelphia is the birthplace of troublemaking in America. The spirit of community and banding together to do things a new way is strong. Practically speaking, the proximity, layout, and venue are ideal for an easy and energizing experience.

There are direct flights to PHL from most cities. The airport is only 8 minutes from the venue. Our primary hotel is a beautiful, brand new facility within walking distance of the venue. The welcome reception will be at the brand new, state-of-the-art flagship Subaru store, Ciocca Subaru and is only moments away from the venue. And then, there’s the venue itself. The ability to house our entire event including an epic concert Monday night is second to none. 

Paul grew up less than a mile from the venue and would be more than happy to tell you about the best secret cheesesteak spots and give you directions to the Rocky statue so you can run up the legendary stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and jump up and down like you’re ready to take on the world…because you will be.


What should I be prepared for?

Participate. Be ready to contribute your thoughts, ask your questions, participate in podcasts, and most importantly connect. You will have multiple sessions to choose from on Monday and Tuesday between the main and side stages focusing on a variety of topics in the areas of Marketing, Tech, Operations, Sales, and Culture. 

On Monday night, be prepared to vibe with the entire dealership as the venue is converted into full-fledged entertainment mode featuring rooms including a silent disco (google it), karaoke, live DJs, and an outdoor concert featuring Nashville’s best party band. We’re expecting attendance to swell from 600 to thousands as we’ll be inviting EVERYONE who works at a dealership within 50 miles of Philadelphia including service advisors, bdc reps, lot attendants, receptionists, techs, janitors, and anyone else on the payroll.


Who will be there?

Hopefully, YOU! We’ll also be hosting Dealers (including ALL of our ASOTU Dealer-investors), speakers from inside and outside auto, the sharpest minds from our collaborators and industry partners, and at least one New York Times Best Seller. All in all, we’re expecting over 450 Dealer personnel. 

We'll continually be announcing guests, but trust us, this is the place you’ll want to be.


Will there be a room block?

Yes. Our friends at the brand new Live! Hotel & Casino have allocated most of their rooms to us. Great rates and gorgeous rooms await those who book early. We’ve also secured special rates at the nearby Courtyard Marriott in the historic Navy Yard. There are also plenty of other hotels around the airport and Center City including a Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Get access to all of the sessions that happened in this First-Of-It's-Kind Automotive Event!