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September 25-27, 2023

Dealers, OEMs, Industry Partners, and Experts from beyond Automotive will come together in a truly collaborative event.

40+ sessions covering sales, service, marketing, management and recruiting
1000+ rooftops

ASOTU CON 2023 Full Lock


ASOTU CON 2023 Green Oval
ASOTU CON 2023 Green Oval
Stay Tuned: Collaborator Announcements Begin Soon!!
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Welcome to the Collaboration

A new way of Retail Automotive is coming alive. Shouldn’t the way Dealers and Industry Partners activate together also be reborn? Be prepared to experience bursts of engaging insights through meaningful engagement with the best and brightest in and beyond the industry.

Attendees: not allowed.

Participants: welcome home.

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Baltimore Live! Hall

A Step Up

We knew we had to do it bigger this year. Which is why we have chosen Live! Casino Hotel Maryland to host the ASOTU community. With everything being in one place, it will make it easy to navigate from room to venue to dinner.

Nestled next to Arundel Mills Mall, there is plenty to do locally and the Baltimore airport is just a 10 minute drive from the front door.

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The Automotive Industry is on the precipice of a new age. Electric vehicles, direct-to-consumer sales, start-ups, and unprecedented supply and demand factors have brought innovation and collaboration to the forefront of the conversation: it might get a little rowdy.

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Industry Experts

With speakers stretching beyond Automotive, we’re bringing the heat from across retail and culture.

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Real Talk Panels

Nothing is off-limits in these live conversations. Except sales pitches, of course. 

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This isn’t a one way conversation, we’re going to be solving real problems: together. 

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All Inclusive

Industry content, meals, and entertainment all in one place. You won’t need (or want) to leave.

Word On The Street

James Orsini Headshot Small

Erikka Tiffani Wells

Senior Sales Manager, Walser Automotive Group

"An automotive conference for those who don’t do conferences. Top tier networking, innovative solutions, and courageous conversations. ASOTU just raised the bar."

David Long Headshot Small

Jack Salzman

Owner, Gastonia CDJR and Lake Norman CDJR

The 16,000+ franchised dealers in the US should be thankful for the movement you have started. Together we can show the OEM’s that the franchise model is still the best way to connect customers with vehicles. Keep up the awesome work!

Matt Lasher Headshot Small

Brian Brown

VP / Sales at Motive

I've been to so many conferences in so many industries over the years and ASOTU CON was definitely in the top tier. Congratulations on a great event and thank you for putting it together. Looking forward to the next one!"



What makes ASOTU CON different?

None of us are inspired by sitting in a manilla-colored rectangle watching a one-way conversation for 50 minutes, 10 times in a row over 4 days. We’re not saying those workshops can’t be helpful - we just believe in adding some hot sauce to the rice and beans.

ASOTU CON will be a participation-only event. This isn’t a conference where you sit back and listen; you are in the conversation, contributing as you learn. Our hope is that the conversations that flow from the sessions and breakouts continue beyond the 3 days in Baltimore, sending participants back feeling energized, equipped, and inspired to get home and start pushing back for their community.


Who should attend?

YOU! If you’re involved in the automotive industry, you will find ASOTU CON refreshing and stimulating. With a variety of topics and sessions, there’s truly something for everyone.

We are expecting owners, managers, salespeople, industry partners, OEM representatives and more!


Why Baltimore?

We knew that ASOTU CON needed to be centrally located this year, even more than it was last year. So say hello to the Live! Casino Hotel Maryland to host. Everything will take place here, from the Welcome Reception to the Party with the Industry.

Only 10 minutes from the airport and situated next to the Arundel Mills Mall, there is plenty to do locally.


What should I be prepared for?

Participate. Be ready to contribute your thoughts, ask questions, appear on podcasts, and most importantly, connect. You will have multiple sessions to choose from on Tuesday and Wednesday between the main and side stages.

Engage. Take the collaboration beyond the session by talking to speakers and other participants. Discuss, problem-solve and ideate. Exchange phone numbers and connect on social media.

Represent. On Wednesday night, be prepared to vibe with the entire dealership community as the venue goes into full-fledged entertainment mode. A happy hour and epic concert featuring Nashville’s best party band will be available to all participants. Prepare for the number of party goers to swell to thousands as we invite EVERYONE who works at a dealership within 50 miles of Baltimore to join us. Get ready to throw down with service advisors, BDC reps, lot attendants, receptionists, techs, janitors, and anyone else on the payroll!


What does “Collaboration - Critical” mean?

More than ever, there is pressure on the automotive industry. Electric vehicles, direct-to-consumer sales, start-ups, and unprecedented supply and demand factors are some of the components that have brought us to this critical moment.

While we can’t always control these factors, we can control how we respond. Our answer is collaboration. Within the environment of ASOTU CON, we learn from each other and come up with solutions together.


Will there be a room block?

Yes. The venue is home to our primary room block at Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland. Great rates and gorgeous rooms await those who book early. There are also many other hotels located minutes away from the venue.

Get your tickets now for this energizing collaboration!

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