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Ashley Cavazos

Marketing Director, DeMontrond Auto Group

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Ashley Cavazos, originally aspiring to continue her family's legacy in the radio industry, found her true calling in the automotive world during her college years. Her journey began with a temporary receptionist role at a Ford-Lincoln dealership in Corpus Christi, which soon evolved into a passion for Internet marketing. This newfound interest led her to a pivotal role at Morrie’s Auto Group in Minnesota, despite initial hesitations about leaving her South Texas roots. Ashley's decision to move was not only a professional leap but also a personal one, guided by a moment of clarity at church. Her career took a significant turn when she joined Walser Automotive Group in Edina, Minnesota, to enhance their digital operations, a role that became crucial during digital changes in 2020.

Ashley's innovative approach, focusing on personalized customer interactions and efficient lead follow-ups, revolutionized digital sales processes at Walser's Kansas stores and later across the group. Her efforts significantly improved appointment rates and sales outcomes, with a notable increase in personalized video communications and reduced response times to customer inquiries. Beyond her contributions to Walser, Ashley is deeply involved with the Women of Color Automotive Network, aiming to uplift other women in the automotive industry. Her dedication to understanding and meeting customer expectations, combined with her commitment to supporting women in automotive, underscores her influential presence in the industry and her continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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