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David Regn

Co-Founder/CEO, Stream Companies

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David Regn has been a significant figure in the marketing and advertising industry since co-founding Stream Companies in Malvern, PA, in 1996. Under his leadership as CEO, Stream has adopted a partnership-centric approach, prioritizing a deep understanding of clients' brand visions and effectively communicating these visions to their customers. This focus on collaboration and shared goals has been a cornerstone of the company's long-standing success. In addition to his work at Stream, Regn launched FullThrottle in 2018, a pioneering firm that offers first-party, cookieless data solutions for agencies, brands, and media companies, further showcasing his commitment to innovation in the digital space.

Beyond his primary ventures, David Regn is actively engaged in strategic growth and private equity investments through DK Holdings, which he started in 2013. His portfolio includes a wide range of companies, from Federal Donuts to Sverica Capital, reflecting his versatile investment interests and business acumen. Earlier in his career, David co-owned World Gym International LLC, further diversifying his entrepreneurial experiences. Regn's multifaceted career demonstrates his expertise in steering companies toward growth and efficiency, with a strong emphasis on leveraging technology and data to transform marketing strategies and business operations.

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