Diana Lee

CEO & Founder, Constellation

Speaker Spotlight


Diana Lee is the CEO of Constellation, a cutting-edge AI solution that empowers highly regulated and complex industries with the insights and content they need to fuel their business. Specializing in the automotive industry, our powerful data/AI insights tools inform the creation of compliant content at scale. We enable our customers to harness their data and streamline the creation of localized, personalized content. A global, NYC-based company, Constellation has been revolutionizing marketing technology and data intelligence in order to drive exponential growth since its founding in 2016.

Diana’s achievements are numerous, including being the recipient of the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ award in 2019. Her career in the automotive industry has spanned over 30 years with experience in automotive sales, marketing, consulting, and coaching as a CPC, ELI-MP. Diana has launched products for automotive manufacturers and has worked with national ventures to launch global brands both in and out of automotive. She has been recognized as an outstanding producer, coach, trainer and mentor both to peers, other industry leaders and the dealers she serves.

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