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Kayla Kody

VP, Richmond Auto Group

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Kayla Kody is a seasoned professional in both the automotive and homebuilding industries, with a strong focus on marketing and business development. As the Vice President at Richmond Auto Group, and an Advisory Board Member for FordDirect since January 2023, she has demonstrated her expertise in driving growth and developing strategic business plans. Her role at Richmond Ford capitalizes on her ability to blend traditional business strategies with innovative marketing techniques, contributing significantly to the company's success over her ten-year journey.

In addition to her accomplishments in the automotive sector, Kayla serves as the CEO of Emporia Marketing LLC, where she's been at the helm since January 2016. She also lent her strategic insight to Empire Communities as a Business Consultant, focusing on sales, marketing, and strategy. Moreover, Kayla has contributed her knowledge as a public speaker, including a presentation at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) in 2022, where she spoke on enhancing customer relationships and shifting business cultures. Her diverse experience and innovative approach have made her a valuable asset to both industries she serves.

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