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Mike Cavanaugh

Regional VP, Lithia and Driveway

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Mike Cavanaugh combines his passion for e-commerce with deep roots in the automotive industry to play a crucial role at Lithia Motors as their Regional VP for the Central Region including the Suburban Collection in Michigan with its 33 locations and over 2500 team members as well as the 5 Wilde Auto stores in Wisconsin. His journey in the automotive field began with humble roles before serving in the Marines and eventually becoming the COO of CARite. Inspired by the digital transformations in retail, Cavanaugh saw an opportunity to innovate in the automotive space, especially as consumer demand for online services grew.

In 2020, after working for MAX Digital, a software company providing solutions to dealerships, Cavanaugh joined Lithia to spearhead the Driveway platform. Tasked with creating a comprehensive online service for buying, selling, and servicing vehicles, he led the development of a team, customer service center, logistics network, and more. Since its launch in January 2021, Driveway has expanded rapidly across the U.S., growing its team to about 750 employees and achieving significant transaction milestones. In November 2022, Mike became the Regional VP, overseeing Lithia and Driveway’s central region.

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