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Nicole Lipkin, Psy.D., MBA

CEO, Equilibria Leadership Consulting

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Dr. Nicole Lipkin is an esteemed psychologist, author, and leadership expert, renowned for her contributions to organizational psychology and leadership development. In 2005, she founded Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services to support individuals confronting life's challenges, fostering a culture that emphasizes the enhancement of individual strengths. As the driving force behind Equilibria Leadership Consulting, she extends her expertise internationally, focusing on leadership and management consulting from her base in Philadelphia, PA. Nicole is the author of "What Keeps Leaders Up at Night: Recognizing and Resolving Your Most Troubling Management Issues" and co-author of "Y in the Workplace: Managing the 'Me First' Generation," both of which have positioned her as a leading voice in business leadership and management.

Her role as a sought-after speaker, consultant, and coach has led to engagements with notable organizations such as Honda, Visa, and Toyota, among others. Nicole delivers dynamic seminars, workshops, and training programs aimed at optimizing recruitment, engagement, management, development, and retention strategies within companies. Through Equilibria Leadership Consulting, she offers leadership development, coaching, and organizational consulting, leveraging individual and collective strengths to achieve peak performance in personal, professional, and organizational contexts.

Nicole's contributions extend beyond her direct consulting work, as she is a regular feature in the print and broadcast community, with appearances on NPR, NBC, CBS, and Fox Business News, and in publications such as and The New York Times Magazine. Holding a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and an MBA from Widener University, she is a Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a Board Certified Coach, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with ICF certification. Nicole's commitment to leadership excellence is further evidenced by her roles as an adjunct faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership and her active participation in professional associations, underscoring her dedication to fostering growth and resilience in leaders and organizations worldwide.

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