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Patrice Banks

Chief Shecanic and Founder, Girls Auto Clinic

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Patrice Banks is revolutionizing the automotive industry by infusing it with a fresh and empowering perspective. As the founder of Girls Auto Clinic, she not only runs a successful business but also actively works to demystify auto mechanics for women through her #sheCANic movement, engaging talks, interactive workshops, and an informative car care guide. Patrice's mission extends beyond auto repair; she is deeply committed to the empowerment of women, advocating for equality, leadership, innovation, technology, and STEM education. Her efforts aim to foster an environment where women are encouraged to embrace their abilities, pursue careers in male-dominated fields, and achieve their full potential.

With a background in engineering and a decade of experience captivating audiences, Patrice began her journey to inspire change within corporate settings at Dupont. Known for her dynamic speaking style, she combines energy, credibility, humor, and a powerful message of empowerment to motivate her listeners. Patrice challenges both individuals and organizations to break through barriers, discover their purpose, and pursue excellence. Through her work, she not only challenges the status quo in the automotive industry but also inspires a broad audience, from young girls to corporate executives, to redefine success and embrace their power to make a difference.

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