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Terence Grandy

Technician, Vehicles for Change

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Terence Grandy is an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified auto technician and Baltimore city local. He came to Vehicles for Change after being released from incarceration in 2021 and is thankful to the program for giving him the opportunity to learn an invaluable skill and develop a career that affords him the ability to make money without re-entering the drug trade in the streets of Baltimore. Terence excelled so much in the Full Circle Auto Technician Training Program that he was hired by Vehicles for Change to work in our retail garage, Full Circle Auto Repair Center upon his graduation. His interest in finding new ways to give back and help other individuals from marginalized communities who need a stable career led to him becoming the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for our Vehicles for Change - VR Auto Technician Training Program, which is geared towards using virtual reality to train the upcoming generation of auto technicians.

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