Day 1
Studio Three
May 15, 2024
3:15 pm
3:45 pm

Driving the Market: The Unstoppable Rise of Hispanic Influence in Automotive with Altura Social

Exploring the Power of Diversity: How Hispanic Consumers Are Accelerating Industry Innovation and Shaping Future Trends

About this session

In this dynamic 30-minute keynote, Luis Delgado, CEO of Altura Automotive, unveils the transformative impact of the Hispanic community on the automotive industry. Highlighting a critical issue, Delgado points out the urgent need for dealerships to adapt their strategies and infrastructures to better serve the rapidly expanding Hispanic market. This pressing state of emergency arises from an imbalance—too many Hispanic consumers and too few dealers equipped to meet their distinct needs.

Delgado's presentation goes beyond diagnosing the problem; it offers a groundbreaking solution with the introduction of the AAA System—a pioneering approach designed to seamlessly integrate into any dealership eager to cultivate meaningful relationships with the Hispanic market. This innovative system is a cornerstone of the presentation, promising practical insights on implementation and showcasing how dealerships can truly align with the values and expectations of Hispanic customers.

Through engaging narratives and deep analysis, Delgado emphasizes the Hispanic community's preference for personal connections over convenience, illustrating their willingness to travel great distances to dealerships that prioritize people and genuine relationships. This remarkable consumer behavior underscores the immense potential for businesses ready to embrace these values, suggesting that the path to success in the automotive industry is paved with authenticity and trust.

This keynote is an invitation to industry professionals to rethink their approach to the Hispanic market. By adopting the AAA System and fostering an environment that values cultural understanding and personal engagement, dealerships can unlock a new level of market relevance and consumer loyalty. Join Luis Delgado on a journey to the future of the automotive sector, where diversity drives innovation and relationships are the engine of growth. Discover how your dealership can thrive by placing the Hispanic community at the heart of your business strategy.

Key Takeaways:

1. The Imperative of Cultural Competence: The critical importance of cultural competence within the automotive industry. The Hispanic community is not optional but essential for dealerships aiming for success.

2. The AAA System as a Blueprint for Success: This system is highlighted as a practical and effective solution for addressing the current disconnect between automotive dealers and Hispanic consumers.

3. Building Long-Term Relationships Over Transactions: Hispanic consumers are willing to go to remarkable lengths to patronize businesses that prioritize personal connections, even if it inconveniences them. This takeaway challenges the automotive industry to shift its focus from short-term sales tactics to cultivating long-term relationships based on trust, respect, and understanding, thereby driving loyalty and repeat business from one of the fastest-growing demographic segments in the market.

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