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Luis Delgado

Co-Founder, Altura Automotive

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From the rugged mountains of Mexico to the forefront of Spanish advertising in the automotive industry, Luis Delgado's journey is a testament to resilience, innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to breaking down barriers. Growing up in an environment devoid of basic amenities like internet access and clean water, Luis's early experiences shaped his understanding of disparities and motivated him to bridge the gap in information and services for the Hispanic community. His journey to the United States, marked by challenges and moments of limbo, only fueled his determination to make a meaningful difference.

Luis's career took a pivotal turn when, after being denied a job at a mainstream dealership due to immigration paperwork, he witnessed firsthand the injustices faced by Hispanics in the automotive sector. This experience at a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer—seeing the community exploited and underserved—ignited a fire in him to advocate for fairness and transparency. His bold decision to leave the industry set the stage for what would become a revolutionary comeback.

Co-founding Altura Automotive with a partner, Luis embarked on a mission to transform the automotive market's approach to the Hispanic community. As CEO, his leadership has been instrumental in establishing Altura Automotive as a vital link between dealerships and the Hispanic market, offering unparalleled insights and strategies to engage effectively across cultures. Under his guidance, Altura Automotive has become synonymous with innovation, earning recognition as a crucial partner for dealerships nationwide, prized for their exclusive and impactful consulting.

Luis's personal philosophy in business—"The Sky is the limit"—reflects his approach to leadership and his unwavering belief in challenging the status quo. This mindset has not only led to professional success but has also fostered a culture of thinking big and dreaming bigger within Altura Automotive and beyond.

His commitment extends into community service, particularly in supporting non-English speaking students within the school system. Luis aims to light the way for the next generation, helping them recognize their potential and the unique value they bring to the marketplace by embracing their Hispanic heritage.

Looking to the future, Luis's aspirations are rooted in his desire to effect change on a grand scale, from enriching the lives of those around him to showcasing the abundance and opportunities available in the United States. His vision of transforming dealerships into multicultural hubs demonstrates his commitment to inclusivity and the untapped potential of diverse markets.

Outside of his professional and philanthropic endeavors, Luis is a fervent advocate of the "There is no box" mentality, enjoying strategy, marketing, and business discussions that defy conventional thinking. A fan of Poker Tournaments and a devoted family man, he cherishes time with his team members and loved ones, embodying the balance between a relentless work ethic and the joy of personal connections.

Luis Delgado's story is more than a narrative of success; it's a blueprint for making a difference in the world by embracing one's roots, challenging the norm, and relentlessly pursuing one's vision for a better, more inclusive future.

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