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Amol Waishampayan

Chief Product Officer,

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I’m the Chief Product Officer at and since the company’s inception have been responsible for leading its technology, platform strategy, product roadmap, data science, and engineering. As a lifelong entrepreneur, my previous experiences include a successful exit with my first start-up and more than a decade on the advertising agency and client side of global facing brands.

I’m driven by the relentless pursuit of first-party data powered AdTech and enjoy speaking about it at industry events. I’m also a blockchain enthusiast, focused on the expanding web3 space and a champion of the “freedom to build” software development methodology.

Previously I was the VP of Platform Marketing for Stream Companies, a US Top 50 Privately Owned integrated advertising agency in Philadelphia. I also focused on helping my clients learn who they need to reach, where they need to reach them, and how to connect with them emotionally in a way that drives Sales, Conversions, and better/bigger bottom line.

Previous to that, I founded and ran Maiden Media Group for 4 years, a small 10 person strategic creative agency out of Philadelphia.

Maiden Media Group was acquired by Stream Companies which joined our team to a 90+ person organization (which in in 2021 was 500+) that has a great track record for results-driven, award-winning work. Our clients got unprecedented access to talent and services, and our team is now able to apply themselves to even more accounts and deliver the unique strategic creative work that's helped us come so far.

Previously to all of this, my first experience ever I worked at Unilever within the Digital Marketing Services group.  Having worked on brands such as Axe, Suave, and Ben & Jerry's, my responsibilities included execution of digital campaigns, agency selection, evaluation and reviews.

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