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Christopher Benvie

Director of Marketing and Pre-Owned Operations, McGovern Automotive Group

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As the Director of Marketing & Pre-Owned Operations at McGovern Automotive Group, Chris Benvie oversees the marketing strategy and execution for the largest dealer group in New England, with over 20 brands and 25+ locations. He also manage the groups pre-owned operations, including purchasing and wholesaling inventory, pricing, and merchandising.

In his previous role as the Director of Marketing at McGovern Automotive Group, he was responsible for growing the digital presence and reputation of the group, increasing web traffic, leads, and conversions by over 50%. He also implemented innovative campaigns and initiatives to enhance customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

Before joining McGovern Automotive Group, he was the Director of Sales at Cox Automotive’s Kelley Blue Book, where he led a sales team and developed strategic partnerships with key automotive clients and vendors. He leveraged social networking skills to generate new business opportunities and expand the customer base.

He is passionate about driving growth and innovation for the automotive industry, and is always looking for new ways to optimize the online marketing and pre-owned operations for McGovern Automotive Group. He values collaboration, creativity, and customer-centricity, and strives to deliver exceptional results for the group and its stakeholders.

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