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Glenn Lundy

Founder, 800% Automotive Club

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Glenn Lundy's journey from a challenging past to becoming an influential figure in the automotive industry and a motivational speaker is a testament to the power of transformation and resilience. His story of redemption, from experiencing homelessness and incarceration to rising to success, underscores his belief in second chances and the impact one can have on the world. As a devoted husband, Lundy credits his wife for her unwavering support and healing presence, which played a pivotal role in his turnaround. Together, they share a deep bond, emboldened by mutual support and shared dreams.

A father to eight children, Lundy draws inspiration and learning from each of his kids, recognizing them as his most profound teachers. Their creativity and resilience have taught him invaluable lessons on life, magic, and overcoming obstacles. Professionally, with 26 years in the automotive industry, Lundy's leadership transformed a Kentucky dealership from selling 120 cars a month to a record 1,043 cars in March 2018, achieving an 800% growth in five years. Today, he extends his expertise to over 180 rooftops nationwide, guiding them toward similar success.

Beyond his personal and professional achievements, Lundy is a dynamic host of the 800% Club daily morning show and the Breakfast With Champions on Clubhouse, reaching audiences with motivational, educational, and inspirational content. His work with notable figures and his commitment to making a positive impact reflect his mission to inspire and lead others towards achieving their fullest potential. Glenn Lundy's life story, marked by significant challenges and remarkable achievements, continues to motivate and encourage people across the globe.

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