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Jonathan Dawson

Founder & CEO, Sellchology Sales Training

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Jonathan Dawson, the founder and president of Sellchology Sales Training, stands out as a multifaceted automotive consultant, sales trainer, author, speaker, and coach. With a rich experience spanning 14 years, he has made significant contributions to enhancing sales performance, minimizing turnover, and crafting effective marketing strategies for dealerships and sales teams. His innovative teaching philosophy, Sellchology - Selling through Psychology, emphasizes the understanding of buying behavior and the underlying reasons behind the effectiveness of certain sales methods. This insight not only educates but also empowers salespeople and managers to excel in their roles.

Jonathan's extensive hands-on experience in thousands of dealerships nationwide underpins his mission to help dealers create unmatched customer experiences by fostering a unique dealership culture that blends customer-centric selling, community-driven marketing, and people-focused leadership. Renowned for his engaging conversational teaching style and pragmatic advice, Jonathan continues to make a tangible impact in the automotive sales industry. His ongoing involvement in dealership operations ensures that his insights remain relevant and actionable. Beyond his consulting work, Jonathan is a sought-after speaker at various industry events, a best-selling author, and a regular contributor to automotive publications, sharing his expertise and promoting excellence across the automotive sales landscape.

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