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Katie Mares

Chief Inspiration Officer, Katie Mares Consulting

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Katie Mares stands out as a beacon of empowerment and change, not just in transforming businesses but also in revolutionizing the lives intertwined with them. With a compelling mix of expertise in customer experience, resilience, and women's empowerment, she’s not just another speaker; she’s a revolutionary force. Her journey, marked by her resilience as a domestic abuse survivor, single mother, and decisive choice maker, fuels her mission to empower others. Her impactful TED talk, “The Art of Choice,” and her best-selling book, “CustomHER Experience,” showcase her commitment to inspiring actionable change within organizations.

Mares’ approach to speaking and workshops is personal, genuine, and transformative, earning accolades for her ability to resonate with diverse audiences, from corporate executives to emerging female leaders. She champions the power of choice, emphasizing its role in shaping business outcomes and personal lives. With a focus on creating extraordinary customer experiences and tailoring strategies to the influential female consumer, Mares collaborates with organizations to elevate ordinary interactions into memorable ones. Beyond the professional sphere, through “Ladies Take Control” events and partnerships with organizations like Unsilenced Voices, she ignites a fire in women to find their inner strength, advocating for women's rights and empowerment. Katie Mares is not just about making an impact; she's about creating a legacy of empowered choices and experiences.

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