Kimberly Barta ASOTU CON Speaker

Kimberly Barta

Head of Marketing and Communications, Group 1 Automotive

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Kim Barta, Head of Marketing and Communications at Group 1 Automotive, has dedicated her career to enhancing brand relevance and influence through positive and memorable interactions. Her approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the target audience, enabling the brands she works with to refine their positioning, evolve their business models, and authentically live out their purposes. Under her guidance, companies have not only realized their brand promises but have also seen their teams deeply motivated and their customers transformed into avid promoters.

Kim's leadership is marked by her ability to inspire creativity and innovation within her teams, placing customer insights and community feedback at the forefront of their efforts. This has led to the creation of extraordinary experiences that solidify customer loyalty and advocacy. Kim excels in competitive positioning, brand identity, creative campaigns, and integrated marketing strategies that drive sustainable growth, showcasing her expertise across a broad spectrum of marketing disciplines from digital solutions to global expansion initiatives.

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