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Matt Lasher

Director of Marketing, West Herr Auto Group

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Matt Lasher, President of and Director of Marketing at West Herr Automotive Group, merges marketing mastery with technological innovation to tackle vehicle affordability and streamline dealership operations. As President of since March 2020, Matt has been at the forefront of addressing vehicle affordability challenges. His work involves equipping dealerships with tools to save time and secure more deals, aiding lenders in communicating deal structures efficiently, and helping consumers understand what vehicles they can afford. This holistic approach creates a win-win-win scenario for dealerships, lenders, and consumers alike, revolutionizing the way vehicle affordability is solved.

Parallelly, Matt has dedicated over 15 years to the West Herr Automotive Group, the largest automotive group in New York, where he serves as the Director of Marketing. With a rich marketing experience spanning over 14 years, Matt plays a pivotal role in managing and facilitating marketing efforts across 26 (soon to be 27) locations of the group. His responsibilities are extensive, covering the management of the company's website, social media, content creation, online reputation management, and much more. Matt's leadership and innovative strategies have significantly contributed to West Herr's growth and reputation in the automotive sector. Additionally, his involvement in community-focused initiatives, like co-founding 21_Connect, showcases his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the automotive world, emphasizing education and advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome. Matt's diverse contributions underscore his unique blend of industry knowledge, technological acumen, and community service.

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