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Subi Ghosh

EVP, Strategic Partnerships & Marketing, Stream Companies

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Subi Ghosh stands at the forefront of innovation and transformation within the automotive industry, driven by a deep-seated passion for enhancing consumer experience, fostering diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and pioneering strategic partnerships. As a devoted Board Member of Women in Automotive, her commitment to driving progress is unwavering. Subi's journey through the automotive sector has been marked by significant roles, from her time as an eCommerce and Sales Director within dealerships to her current impactful work as a vendor and consultant. These experiences have given her a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s dynamics, enabling her to assist dealerships in refining their culture, consumer engagement, and operational strategies.

Subi's dedication to her company's ethos is profound, embodying its vision, leadership, and culture with pride. Her involvement in founding Women in Automotive and transitioning to the Women of Color Auto Network (WOCAN) underscores her dedication to empowering women within the industry, helping them find their voices and enact meaningful change. Subi's ambition extends beyond her immediate roles; she is constantly seeking personal growth and leveraging networking opportunities to make a lasting impact in the automotive world and beyond.

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