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Brian Benstock

Partner GM / VP, Paragon Honda & Acura

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Brian Benstock is the Partner GM and Vice President of the #1 Certified Honda and Acura dealer in the world, Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura. The Queens, NY dealerships continue to grow rapidly, selling more than 1000 cars per month and 34 cars every single day. A sought-after keynote speaker, author, podcast host and forward thinking thought leader in the automotive industry, Benstock has been Interviewed by CNN Money, FOX Business, Bloomberg Technology, CBS News, Automotive News, The John Batchelor Show and The New York Daily News. Benstock is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking philosophy on consumer driven business, “The Future is Frictionless.” Most recently, Benstock has worked with Google to transform the customer experience by removing friction from one of the biggest customer pain points: vehicle maintenance and service. Regular or reactive car maintenance is an inconvenience that’s amplified when it requires visiting a dealership during working hours. Knowing that today’s consumers expect to get things done immediately, Paragon Honda developed an app that lets customers request to have their vehicle picked up, serviced, and returned to their home within 24 hours—no dealership visit required, using just their voices. Benstock is on a mission to transform the client experience from the outside in.

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