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David Spisak

Founder, Disruptive Growth Solutions

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David Spisak, founder and chief consultant of Disruptive Growth Solutions, is renowned for leveraging real-world expertise and tactical strategies to help business leaders accelerate growth. With a significant footprint in the automotive industry, Spisak's entrepreneurial journey includes founding ReverseRisk in 2008, a web-based analytics program that revolutionized dealership operations management. His success culminated in the sale of ReverseRisk to Reynolds and Reynolds in 2016, marking a notable achievement in his career.

Beyond his venture with ReverseRisk, Spisak boasts over 30 years of experience in retail automotive management. His leadership at Smythe European, a Mercedes-Benz dealership, set records with $29 million in net profit in a single year, achieving industry-low employee turnover, and leading rankings in fixed ops gross profit and used car sales. His tenure at AutoNation further highlighted his ability to drive exceptional performance, managing a $2.3 billion, 35-store region and earning the company's top honor for transforming his market into the highest-performing region in the country.

As a strategic advisor to retail auto dealers and allied industry partners, Spisak shares his insights on navigating changing market conditions and fostering sustainable success. His collaboration with industry leaders and innovative companies like Tekion and Constellation Agency showcases his influence in shaping the future of automotive retail. Spisak's expertise and dynamic presentations have made him a sought-after speaker, invited to share his knowledge with over 100+ 20 Groups and hundreds of privately owned dealerships and groups, solidifying his role as a pivotal figure in the automotive industry.

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