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Elena Ciccotelli

Host, EVs for Everyone Podcast

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Elena Ciccotelli is an award-winning automotive executive and the host and producer of the "EVs for Everyone Podcast." Known for her passion for technology, travel, and her goldendoodle “Bear,” Elena has made significant contributions in the automotive industry, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Her podcast is renowned for its engaging content, offering a mix of entertainment and insightful perspectives on EV technologies.

Elena's career highlights include a pioneering role at Lyft, where she developed innovative mobility solutions for dealers and fleets, and her tenure as Automotive Partnerships Director, where she fostered cooperative relationships between new mobility solutions and traditional automotive retail. In 2022, Elena served as the Vice President of Automotive Practice at Teleperformance, leading partnerships with major automotive brands and implementing customer care and digital transformation programs.

As the host of the EVs for Everyone Podcast, Elena focuses on the EV ecosystem, providing high-quality interviews and discussions with industry leaders, blending in-depth knowledge with a touch of fun.

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