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Glenn Pasch

CEO, PCG Digital

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Glenn Pasch is the CEO of PCG Digital, a dynamic full-service digital marketing agency with a focus on empowering dealerships and businesses to attract more qualified customers. His mission is to bridge the gap between customer experience and marketing, helping organizations navigate the complexity and achieve increased sales.

As a well-known figure in digital marketing and leadership development, Glenn's expertise shines through in his co-authorship of two impactful books, "Selling Cars in the Digital Age" and "The Power of Connected Marketing." He is also the host of the popular podcast and YouTube channel, "You're In Charge: Now What."

Glenn has been a part of numerous podcasts and media outlets and has delivered inspirational talks at prestigious events such as NADA, ASOTU CON, DMSC, Digital Dealer, NIADA, The World Shopper Conference, and more. He is committed to elevating the performance of individuals and teams across all levels, from the front lines to the C-Suite.

Throughout his journey, Glenn holds his family as his cornerstone, the key to his personal and professional success.

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