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Gray Scott has been in the automotive industry for all of his career. Starting working as a salesman in Williston VT for the Berlin City Auto Group. From there he moved over to the technology space where he quickly proved to be a key player and guide when working with dealerships to create a winning strategy while working in Burlington, VT for

Gray stayed on the technology side for about half of his career creating winning strategies and creating solutions for our dealer body with other great leaders in the space including DealerOn, Dealer Inspire, Stream Companies, and he consulted independently. In Chicago, after Dealer Inspire Gray, decided to jump back into the dealership side and worked for a large dealer in SW Chicago orchestrating winning strategies and solutions for a top CDJR point.

Later he moved to a larger group where he worked with two high volume Honda points where he solidified himself as a leader in our space. In Chicago, Gray built first of its kind acquisition solutions and strategies before there was the demand of today, he implemented the latest technologies often using AI, and was creative with media unfamiliar to the auto landscape. In the 5 years Gray was there he quadrupled his sales in Chicago proper and witnessed double digit sales growth across his stores. Gray's most recent role was as the CMO for Cardinale Group, a 22-store group, and ZMOT, their ad agency in California. In the 11 months he was at Cardinale he witnessed a near 500% increase in organic traffic and a 45% increase in appointments where he has implemented the industry’s latest technologies.

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