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Nick Askew

CEO & Founder, Space Auto

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CEO + Founder of Space Auto, a retail and marketing software and data technology company in Dallas, Texas. Also, Founder of Luminary 2, a development and technology agency delivering cutting-edge business technology solutions, specializing and investing in strategic SaaS products that revolutionize industries.

A thoughtful and compassionate leader who empowers others to lead using their natural passion, strategic communication, and emotional intelligence. Specializes in creating sophisticated software and using automation and AI to reduce expenses and increase performance.

Featured on the cover of Auto Dealer Today, he held and excelled at multiple Automotive retail positions, including Sales, F&I, and Sales Manager; with an extensive background in Sales and Marketing. He grew to the position of Digital Director for a 40-store automotive group in Texas before embarking on my own mission... To revolutionize the standard of automotive retail, making buying a car a delightful experience, once and for all.

Space Auto is on a mission to reimagine the car buying journey by streamlining automotive retail tech and elevating the customer experience. From first click to close, Space Auto gives auto dealerships the tools they need to connect with customers, drive sales, and grow business – all in one space.

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