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Todd Caputo

President, Todd Caputo Consulting

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Todd Caputo's journey in the automotive industry is a testament to nearly three decades of dedication, innovation, and leadership. Starting at the young age of five, under his father's tutelage at Sun Chevrolet, Todd learned the ins and outs of the dealership world. His early exposure to every aspect of automotive retail laid the foundation for a storied career. After acquiring Sun Chevrolet from his father in 2012, Todd embarked on a mission to revolutionize the family business, transforming three underperforming new car dealerships into thriving independent used car superstores. His strategic branding as “The Used Car King” propelled the business to achieve annual revenues exceeding $200 million.

Todd's contributions to the automotive sector extend beyond dealership management. He pioneered in 2000, a platform facilitating dealer-to-dealer vehicle sales. His philanthropic efforts through the founding of Give to Others have empowered countless donations to charitable organizations. Notably, his innovative approaches in e-commerce, digital marketing, and organizational development have been instrumental in beta testing and developing cutting-edge tools with leading automotive companies. With a B.S. in Human Resource Management from Le Moyne College and as a graduate of the General Motors Dealer Academy, Todd's extensive experience and strategic investments in the automotive industry make him a valuable consultant for dealers and vendors alike, offering expertise in various facets of automotive retail and digital transformation.

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